NFT Marketplace
OAZIZ is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that operates on several major blockchains, including SOLANA and ETHEREUM. The UX/UI of the Marketplace is designed to appeal to both newcomers and experienced users. Buyers and sellers can trade NFTs as tokenized digital and physical items on our marketplace Digital assets can be listed in a variety of formats by creators. Art images, virtual lands, games, sports cards, souvenirs, and utilities are just a few of the types available. Our in-house team can assist creators with marketing services, which is one of the distinctive elements of the OAZIZ marketplace (MaaS). Artists may now focus on their work while our in-house team handles market exposure. The process of joining the NFT marketplace is straightforward: customers may register manually or connect their digital wallet. Users can then construct their own assets, as well as interact with other collections. The OAZIZ marketplace allows artists to list their work for a fixed price or an auction.


NFT marketplace consists of these following building blocks:
  • NFT minting module API
  • IPFS cloud data upload module
  • API module for physical item tokenization
Figure 1. OAZIZ physical items tekenization structure
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