IDO Campaign
Initial DEX Offering - is a mechanism we choose for attracting investors. IDO is the initial offer of tokens on a decentralized service or the introduction of a startup on the marketplace. The IDO function is to raise funds from investors to invest in startup projects. IDO in crypto is the latest model of fundraising tool. During its development, developers tried to combine benefits from ICO, IEO, and STO. Funds raised through the initial sale of these tokens will allow us to expand the development team and to accelerate development of the platform. A total of one billion tokens will be generated, of which 230 million are set aside for sale. The remainder is kept in reserve for future development needs, as well as team and advisor allocation, network incentives, community, etc. Most of the token supply will be allocated on vesting terms. The figure below is outlining our project tokenomics: total supply, allocations, percentages, vesting schedule.
Figure 7. OAZIZ tokenomics
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